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Annual Art Fair Merch Booth

I'm not even sure how many years we've been doing the Art Fair booth, but it must be nearing 10 years soon.  It is both a source of  agony and excitement for me as I own a hair salon that I close down for the fair days in order to make the booth happen.  It means I'm twice as busy at work, trying to get everyone in before my time off while trying desperately to get merchandise in on time with a never-ending slew of hurdles popping up and handling the promotional aspect of the booth at the same time.

And yet, I love it!  And I look forward to my time in the booth every year.  There is a definite buzz from the crowds, from talking to those who don't even know we have a park, those who use the park, informing visitors of our programming at the park and visitors who simply love what we do for the community.  It's another way to connect with people one on one and allow our fellow supporters to volunteer and be a part of our family.

Your purchases of A2Skatepark merch both online and at our booth, go to fund our maintenance endowment and improvements to the park to ensure the upkeep and the world class status of our skatepark with improvements for generations to come. There's no limit to the amazing dreams to improve our park in the future and we strive to make them a reality.  My  top priority dream?  Lights.  So that visitors can use the park in the winter months when it gets dark at 4:30.  We have a park that gets used year round from morning till night.  You'd be hard pressed to find any other park in Ann Arbor that gets that sort of year round heavy usage...

This is my last year on the Board of Directors for the skatepark non-profit after 8 years, and I feel a certain sadness about it.  On one hand, I could take my first Art Fair vacation in a very long time next year.  Or, I could stay and be a volunteer.  I'm leaning towards the latter