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Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary

I recently watched Amelia Brodka’s documentary, Underexposed, about women in skateboarding.  As she describes, “The film is not whiny, accusatory or full of finger-pointing. It is merely an examination of the current opportunities available to female athletes in action sports, particularly skateboarding.”

Ultimately the film encourages women and girls to start skating so that other women will see in the sport.  As the film shows, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who does NOT want girls to skate, but there is a pervasive unconscious myth that women are not wanted in skateboarding.  (Watch the film to find out how this myth is perpetuated).  Just seeing another girl skating is enough to start breaking down the “boys only” perception.  

We agree with the film maker and encourage women to skate.  We began our All Girls Skate (AGS) program in 2015 as way for women and girls of all skill levels to skate and form a community.  We are excited to continue AGS this summer 2016 and hope it will expose the place that exists for women in skateboarding.

You can watch Underexposed on Amazon Instant and iTunes.