What's New?

Keep on giving for the future of our park

Good news!  We have reached our original $100,000 goal for the maintenance endowment to ensure that the park stays well maintained and free to use for generations.  But what happens if we want to make improvements? Or we have a high maintenance expense year? At this year's annual meeting, our board has decided to continue to raise a certain amount yearly for both programming at the park as well as growing the endowment (which is held for us at the Ann Arbor Community Foundation) for any future improvements we may need to make.

So far, the Ann Arbor Skatepark has partnered with Hiller's Market Community Rewards and Amazon Smile for a small portion of designated sales to be donated to our park.  How do you make your purchase count?

Hiller's: donations are linked to your shopping card.  Log in to your Hiller's account, click on Community Rewards and choose "Friends of the AA Skatepark".  The will automatically made a donation quarterly based on sales of customers choosing our non-profit.

Amazon Smile: Simply go to smile.amazon.com and choose "Friends of the AA Skatepark" for your non-profit using your regular login for Amazon.  Products eligible for donation are clearly marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation”.  

Become a website sponsor:  We will be adding a page of A2Skatepark sponsors (with links to businesses) to our website very soon.  Interested in monthly, quarterly, bi-annual  or yearly advertising?  

Rates by pre-payment: 

Monthly: $20

Quarterly: $55 - save $5

Bi-annually: $100 - 1 free month

Yearly: $180 - 3 free months

Interested? Contact me: ninaATa2skateparkDOTorg

And as always, brick sales and merchandise right here on our website front page, click on ORDER to see whats new by way of branded merchandise to help raise funds and show your your love for the park. Our already completed bricks find a new home this spring when they move to a permanent location. We will also have a list of local stores carrying official branded merchandise in the soon to be "Merch" button at the top of the front page.