The Ann Arbor Skatepark is truly a product of our non-profit, the city, county and the amazing community which have passionately supported our dream since the beginning.

Selling $2 bumper stickers were just as important for the bottom line as a $300,000 grant from Washtenaw County, as it gave everyone at every level to help make this a reality for our community.  We still have improvements that we want to see in the near future that we need to raise money for it to happen.

My personal wish list in terms of importance:

Solar power lighting and outlets - the park is used year round and it gets dark in the afternoon during colder months.

Water fountain - water bottles make up the majority of waste generated in the park.

Merchandise booth - make it easy to purchase A2Skatepark branded items as well as a small assortment of tools and parts for fixing equipment at the park.

Picnic tables and a grill - we see many families spending the day at the park for picnics!

Ways to give to the park:

Purchase A2Skatepark merchandise in our online store here:

Purchase a brick for the park - we offer three different sizes to fit any budget:

Sign up for Amazon Smile  and designate Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark as your rewards recipient- a small percentage of your purchase gets donated to us!

Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards and designate Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark as your rewards recipient.  A small percentage of your purchases gets donated to us!

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